The UNESCO Biosphere Officer, Brendan Kirwan, works in the Kerry Biosphere and is employed by the South Kerry Development Partnership. Brendan is responsible for creating and promoting actions that support the aims of the UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Programme. Brendan works with local communities on action-based biodiversity conservation projects, supporting research within the biosphere reserve, and encouraging greater connections with natural and cultural heritage in the area. Brendan encourages greater connections with natural and cultural heritage through education and raising awareness of the Biosphere designation and its significance.

Brendan’s role involves working closely with, and consulting with a range of stakeholders including the National Parks and Wildlife Service, Kerry County Council, landowners in the Biosphere reserve, and businesses in the area.

A native of North Kerry, Brendan commenced the role of Biosphere Officer in December 2022. He has previously worked as an ecologist in the consultancy sector. Brendan enjoys connecting with people of all ages around themes of biodiversity, community, and sustainability.

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