Communities are integral to the success of Biosphere Reserves, they deliver local actions that address global goals and help to ensure the natural and cultural heritage held within the Biosphere area is managed and maintained in a sustainable way.

You can get involved in a range of different ways.

For individuals and Communities:

As individuals and communities, we have considerable power to create a positive impact on our local environments. By joining a community group that works locally we can make a difference by supporting more vulnerable community members and working to protect and conserve the natural and cultural heritage that surrounds us.

For information on Community Groups in your area check out the Kerry Public Participation Network (PPN)

  Kerry Public Participation Network Website

If you are interested in flora and fauna you can join a local NGO group to support the conservation of species or habitats.

Why not become a citizen scientist and help to record the biodiversity of the Kerry Biosphere Reserve. You can check out the National Biodiversity Data centre for more info on how to record and what to look out for throughout the year.

  National Biodiversity Data Centre Website

For Businesses:

Businesses within the Biosphere Area play an important role in supporting sustainable development, by learning more about how your business can operate in an environmentally sustainable way you can help to protect the natural heritage within your community. For more information on making a sustainable transition for business, you can check out Failte Irelands guide for Environmental Sustainability in business

  Guide for Environmental Sustainability in Business

Kerry is known globally as a tourism destination for both outdoor adventures in our dramatic mountain landscapes and the warm welcome to be found in our towns and villages. Delivering Tourism offerings in a sustainable way is becoming increasingly important as we see a rise in visitor numbers year on year. Providing information on responsible use of the outdoors for your visitors can help to ensure they enjoy outdoor adventures while helping to protect the sensitive habitats and species that can be found there. Check out Leave No Trace for more information on responsible Recreation.

  Leave No Trace Website

For Visitors:

We welcome several thousand visitors to the Kerry Biosphere Reserve each year and love to share our little piece of the world with you all.

Whether you are here for a day, a week, a month or a year there are many ways in which you can support the Biosphere Reserve during your stay.

Supporting businesses making sustainable transitions is a key way in which visitors can support the Kerry Biosphere Reserve, by doing some research on places to stay and asking your tourism providers questions about their sustainability policy and ways in which they are monitoring their environmental impact you are helping to promote sustainability within the business sector.

You can also take part in Citizen Science recording during your stay (see above section for more details) and support local groups working in the area to promote better management of our natural heritage. One of these is the MacGillycuddy Reeks Mountain Access Forum, a volunteer group that works with landowners in the MacGillycuddy Reeks to maintain the pathways used by visitors to access the mountain hikes and protect our upland habitats.

  Macgillycuddy Reeks Website

While you are enjoying the outdoors it is also important to follow the 7 principles of Leave No Trace, more info can be found here

  7 principles of Leave No Trace

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